Paper's format

3AF will publish all symposium proceedings on a USB key.

To ensure optimal quality presentation of all papers, please refer the following requirements:

On the paper itself

File naming convention

You should register your file as follows: SP2014_xxxxxxx.PDF (CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY)

File format

Papers should be submitted in one of the following formats (decreasing preference order):

No other format allowed!

Paper uploading methods

The papers will be uploaded by opening the following link:

Enter your unique user ID and password indicated in the e-mail you received

A strict compliance to these requirements will ensure a maximum quality for your papers.

Please note that a hard copy of your paper should be sent to the 3AF Secretariat as back-up of the electronic version



Please respect the following layout and specifications; quality guarantee depends on the following specifications. 
Note: Number of pages of your communication:
5 to 10

pdfDownload the guideline document.